Sunday, July 11, 2010

Make Small, Attainable Goals

Every time I have thought about losing weight, I've always had my final target goal as my goal. Always. If I was only a few pounds away, that wouldn't be too much of a problem. But my final target goal is a LONG way away. I need to have shorter, more attainable goals. That way, I can log in a "win" much easier. I will be able to see more progress, encourage myself by NOT going up against such a difficult goal, and finally see myself succeed. So, my first goal weight: 390 pounds. That will get me started, and on the way to success (and being thin)!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Workout: 07/10/10

Body Xchange
Started approximately 7: 10 pm. Jogging on the treadmill.
163 Calories
.77 Mile

Average 3.0 MPH

DO Something.

For goodness sakes, Mike. DO something!

So I went to and actually typed in "tips to lose weight for heavy people." Ha! I found and they offered me a free e-book of 100 tips to losing weight, all for the price of my e-mail. Ok. Done.

Tip #1 - Don't Cut Too Many Calories. Apparently this creates the yo-yo diet effect. Hate that. Ok. Gotta start slow.

Tip #2 - Increase Your Water Intake. I think this is one of my biggest problems. I drink LOTS of diet soda. I justify it because it's zero calories. I need more water. From the e-book: 'Try drinking ice cold water to actually burn more calories. Your body needs to heat up the ice cold water and it uses energy (calories) to do so. This is what's called the "thermogenic effect".' Hmm. Ok.

Tip #3 - Don't Forget Your Protein. Lean protein. Got it.

Tip #4 - Build Lean Muscle Mass. Apparently lean muscle will help my metabolism and help burn those pesky calories. There goes only walking/jogging. But that will spice up the workout and I will be less likely be bored out of the gym. Besides, I like lifting weights.

Tip #5 - Eat Smaller Meals More Often. This is (ahem) big for me. When I eat, I'm starving, so I eat a lot. If I eat more often, and less at one time, I guess I am less likely to overeat. Plus, I won't be SO hungry as often, which helps lead me into over eating.

(I am writing out 5 tips a day to start DOing something. I hope ShapeFit won't mind.)

July 10 Update

Well, I haven't done jack squat in 4 months. I'm really getting somewhere.