Thursday, January 27, 2011

Late evening: Gym. Brisk walk. 2.7 pace. 576 calories. 2.66 miles. 62:00 minutes (2:00 cooldown).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My foot still hurts. It's made it easy for me to excuse myself from going to the gym. I went tonight and my foot was killing me afterward. Am I fighting through being sore or is it serious? When I am on the treadmill it feels good. After it doesn't. Aye.

Evening: Walk around the neighborhood with family.
Late Night: Gym. Mellow Walk. 2.5 Pace. 566 Calories. 2.55 Miles. 62 Minutes (including 2 minutes cool down).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weigh In - 1/15/2011 & Week Review

Ok, not a good week for me. First, I didn't eat as well as last week. Also, because of my hurt foot, I didn't work out very much. So this was my suck week. Thankfully, I still lost weight this week! Whew!

I weighed in this morning at...
416.2 pounds
For a loss this week of...
1.2 pounds
And a grand total so far lost of...
6.8 pounds
This week is an off week from weighing in. So I have 2 weeks to do tremendous.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Early Morning: Gym. Fast Walk. 3.1 Pace. 676 Calories. 3.24 Miles. 65:00 (including 5:00 cool down).

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Afternoon: Gym. Fast walk. 3.1 Pace. 677 Calories. 3.24 Miles. 65:00 (includes 5:00 cool down).
Feet hurt, but I feel GREAT!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Evening: Walk around the block (with the family).

Weigh-In - 1/8/2011 & Week Review

I was a little worried coming up to this morning. I did a lot this week, but not a lot a lot. Does that make sense? I am not dead. I am not dying of starvation. I have tried to lose weight before and stepped on a scale and saw no change. Frustrating. But, I have already felt better. My shirts already feel like they fit a little better. I feel real good. So, what was going to happen on the scale this morning? I was thinking about it and decided that I need at least 4.2/4.3 pounds lost to have a chance of staying in the "Bakersfield Loser" competition. Today was an elimination day. There are at least 250 people competing, and the paperwork said that after today's weigh-ins, there would be 64 people eliminated from being eligible to win the main prizes. I figure I need to lose at least 1% to stay in. But what if I don't lose that much? The first weigh in was this past Sunday, so I have only had 6 days to do anything. I decided I would have been content if I lost at least two pounds. That would be at least something for this week. I went to the Body Xchange gym and weighed in.
Sunday, I weighed...
Today, I weighed in at...
With a total loss so far of...
5.6 pounds
Bam! I was happy. Then, as I was walking to my vehicle to go home, I remembered... I only had six days. 5.6 pounds in 6 days! THAT'S AWESOME! THAT'S ALMOST A POUND A DAY! I was very excited and proud of myself when I realized that. That was very good for me, and a good pace that I can keep. I can see the value of repeating the week I had for a 5.6 pound loss. And what about when my body can sustain even more working out? This was a great start for me. I am glad I had a good in-the-middle loss. If I hadn't lost much, it would have frustrated me and may have caused me to lose initiative. However, if I lose a lot more weight, for the week I had (I admit, it was better for me, but not necessarily a perfect week), I would have expected drastic results for lackluster performance. There is room for me to do better, but to also be realistic with my expoectations.
Now, I'm thinking, what can I do next? I can increase my Ab Doer Twist workouts, I can go to the gym at least once more. I have more energy- the workouts are more rewarding to myself when I complete them. What else can I do to work on this? Real good vibes right now.
Today will be kind of a rest day for me. I am getting some nice blisters on my feet right now. I even popped some blood under my right foot. My right foot's side is real sore too, like I bruised it. I think I loss my footing on the treadmill and hit the inside of the treadmill with the outside of my right foot. But I will do an Ab Doer Twist workout later today.
Changes I have made this week: Eat less per meal. More water. Less soda. No eating after 7:30 pm. Sherbet replaced ice cream (800% fat intake loss alone on this one!). Almost 9 miles "fast walked" over three gym visits. Thinking more about what I eat. For example, one lunch I had Subway. Instead of a foot long double meat sandwhich on white bread with easy or no (usually no) lettuce, I had a 6 inch (cause I was low on cash in my pocket that day, but hey- I'll still claim it) turkey sandwich on wheat bread "with lettuce." Also, candy laying around the office- thought about having some, then reminded me I was losing weight, then decided the candy wouldn't be worth the later working it off. Don't get me wrong, I still had desserts, but it was more occasional and more intentional, rather than "it's-there-so-I-will-have-some."
Overall, I am very pleased with this week. It was a good start for me- not too little, but not too much that would exhaust me and encourage me to quit. I feel good. I already feel results. There is room for me to improve and be able to challenge myself also. Very happy about this start!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Morning: Abdoer Twist- Beginner Workout.
Late evening: Gym. Fast walk on treadmill. Moved average speed from 3.0 to 3.1. 604 calories, 3.06 miles, 60:00 minutes.

Have each time checked my heart rate while I have been walking. The first night it was up to 156. The second night it was up to 152. Tonight it only went up to about 140 or so. To me that meant it was getting easier for me to do the same thing. That's when I increased the speed one setting. Hopefully I can move up one setting or so on a weekly basis. This will increase my calories burned and my distance over the same time period.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Late evening: Gym. Fast walk. 3.0 Pace. 560 Calories. 2.70 Miles. 54:16 Minutes.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Morning: Walk around the block.
Evening: Walk around the block with the family.
Late evening: Gym. Fast walk. 3.0 Pace. 602 Calories. 2.81 Miles. 62 minutes (including 2 minutes cooldown).

No eating after 7:30 pm.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ab Doer Twist Arrived

The Ab Doer Twist I ordered last week arrived on 12/30/10. I ordered it through the 30 day $14.95 trial. I set it up when I got back from a trip. They say they will revolutionize my ab workout. We'll see. I got this because it's something I can do at home- when I don't have time to go to the gym, or if it's real late. And since I can even do it while watching TV, it pretty much kills all possible excuses. So, the idea in my mind is- with no excuses, it'll get used. I'll let you know.

Ab Doer Twist Online

Get Real, Mike

Ok. It's time to get real. With myself. I am not making progress. And I need to change that. In order to see change, I am going to have to make some changes. Let's go Mike!

Starting Weight - 01/02/11



Joined "The Bakersfield Loser" Weight Loss Competition

This year is the 2nd Annual Weight Loss Competition put on by Body Xchange- "The Bakersfield Loser" started today and apparently there are over 300 participants, including me. Last year's winner lost 80 pounds. The 2nd place guy was at weigh ins this morning. He lost 60+ pounds. The most amazing part is when he reached into his pocket and pulled out three bottles of pills and said, "these are the pills, that I no longer take, thanks to the Bakersfield Loser competition." Wow. I am looking forward to this competition helping motivate me in my weight loss goals.